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  • Brand name:Color
  • Light Source:LED
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Product details
  • Brand name:Color
  • Light Source:LED
  • IP65 protection rate

  • A PHILIP MSD Silver 350W (17R) PRO lamp included, 7500K

  • Electronic ballast

  • Intelligent lamp protection when over heat

  • 1000 Hours average lamp life span

  • No need for adjustment of reflector or lamp

  • 175mm High resolution anti-reflection glass lenses

  • 2°Beam angle

  • 540°PAN and 270° TILT movement

  • Automatic Pan / Tilt position correction

  • 16-bit smooth and precise resolution for PAN/TILT movement

  • Fast, quiet and accurate Pan / Tilt positioning

  • PAN time controllable from slow to fast

  • Static gobo wheel with 11 gobos plus open with gobo shaking

  • Gobo time controllable from fast to slow

  • CMY system plus CTO

  • Color wheel 1 with 11 colors plus open

  • Color wheel 2 with Cyan

  • Color wheel 3 with Magenta

  • Color wheel 4 with Yellow

  • Two color modes (Full color mode and half-color mode)

  • Variable direction rainbow effect with speed adjustable

  • Color time controllable from fast to slow

  • 8-Facet circular prism with speed adjustable and variable direction

  • 16-Facet circular prism with speed adjustable and variable direction

  • Prisms combined available

  • Frost Filter (Hybrid effect for Wash)

  • Macro-function for gobos/prism combinations

  • Dual flag mechanical dimming system

  • Variable speed strobe effect

  • Preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effects

  • Motor driven focus from near to far

  • Focus time controllable from fast to slow

  • 2 DMX channel modes, 17CH/21CH

  • DMX, stand-alone, master/slave, sound activated mode

  • DMX recorder and edit function integrated

  • RDM available, wireless system optional

  • 2.4” TFT LCD touch screen display with 4 light-touch control buttons and chargeable battery for DMX address setting and other functions setting even without power

  • 180°Display reversible

  • Constant temperature readout / management function

  • Software update available through DMX cable

  • Lamp life readable

  • IP65 power cable IN

  • IP65 DMX cables IN/OUT

  • Input signal protection function achieving stable signal without interference

  • Fan cooling system combined with natural aluminum heat sink

  • Stylish housing integrated with aluminum and +PA66 plastic, high temperature resistant, anti UV and anti aging capability

  • 2 x 1/4 turn fastening Omega clamps

  • 1 x Safety attachment point

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